Friday, May 18, 2018

[SWITCH video] Jang Keun Suk at Drama Wrap Party - 2018-05-18

Yeah, Party Time! 


After the taping and post-production of Switch ended, the cast, crew, writers and PD held a post-production Wrap party at a restaurant in Seoul. [Still photos to follow in another post.]

Of course, Actor Jang attended the party. Would he ever dare turn down a Wrap party for one of his dramas? Not likely!!!

Especially for a drama that he really had fun making, enjoying so much fun and laughter on the set that the other actors also brought to the filming. As seen in all the SBS and SBSCatch video clips, the wonderfully harmonious and witty cast with whom he worked obviously made the long hours and filming so much more enjoyable for him.

[Honestly, I think he's going to want to work with this cast again, especially Han Ye Ri, Jong Woong In, and PD Nam Tae Jin.]

Anyway, this first video clip shows JKS entering the restaurant to a throng of photographers and fans. (How did those fans know where he was going!?!)

As shown in the first clip, JKS barely enters the restaurant when he's overwhelmed by photographers taking pictures of him. Like any good actor, though, he stops and allows them to photograph him.

This video clip is a slide show of some of those photos.

These next clips are after JKS entered the Wrap party and began enjoying himself with everyone else.

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