Sunday, May 20, 2018

[Switch - Video] Jang Keun Suk's Best Scenes from the last 4 Episodes - 2018-05-19

Some of the best scenes from the last four episodes of Switch. These are by no means all of the best scenes from Switch. This drama has so many wonderful and funny scenes that it's impossible to show them all. TEF is so grateful to SBS (@SBSNOW) making and broadcasting this drama.

So without further ado...

"It's almost as if someone knew we were looking for this evidence."

Having seen Geum Tae Woong found guilty and sentenced, Sa Do Chan leaves the courthouse but not before one final discussion with Oh Ha Ra. His parting words, when Oh Ha Ra reminded him of what his father said about the biggest con being winning someone's heart, "Oh Ha Ra, to do a big con, you have to do a big set up. Can you handle it?"

Geum Tae Woong found guilty and sentenced; retribution at last for Sa Do Chan, Jo Sung Doo, Manager Kim and Baek Joon So :

The moment when Jo Sung Doo gives up his father:

The moment when Baek Joon Soo puts on his prosecutor's robes again and talks with Oh Ha Ra about Sa Do Chan:

 Sa Do-chan and Oh Hara take a moonlit walk, but Baek Joon-soo's surgery has yet to be completed.

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