Monday, September 17, 2018

“Human, Space, Time and Human” being screened in film festivals around the world

While it cannot yet be screened either in Korea or Japan, “Human, Space, Time and Human” is being screened at some film festivals and cinemas around the world. It was already exhibited at Cineteca Nacional MEXICO on August 25/26 as part of the contemporary film festival.

 “Human, Space, Time and Human” is scheduled to participate in the following film festivals:

Spain: 51st Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalunya (Spain), Oct 8

Kazakhstan: Almaty 1st International Film Festival, from 13 to 19 of September

Georgia:  XIII Batumi International Art-house Film Festival, from 16-23 September

France: Cinema Star Saint-Exupéry, from September 14

Eels, if you live in any of these countries, please try to attend to show your support!

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