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CriJ uploads Birthday Benefit Sharing Photo Exhibition videos

 CriJ uploaded three wonderful videos from the Birthday Benefit Sharing Photo Exhibition held in June. Please enjoy!

0:29 Annyeong~!
0:37 Ah~ This is the donor list, isn’t it?
0:48 This is the final event, so I want to give away something special. I looked over my house quickly to find several items. Now I’ve brought them here.
(Staff: Wow!)
0:57 Giving away 3 items. OK? They’re special items...
1:01 Oh, well... I spent my blossom of youth with you guys...
1:03 “The blossom of youth forever. Forever ..

1:06 Now that I think about it, another year has passed...
1:17 “Squeeeeeee ~”
1:23 Nice to see you. Hello, I’m Jang Keun Suk. First of all, thank you so much for joining this meaningful event today. Also, I’d love to express my gratitude to you for coming all the way to my alma mater, Hanyang University.
1:38 Today, this event seems to be more meaningful than ever before. Actually we hold this photo exhibition every year and today much more people are attending here than before. Moreover, this year we have this exhibition a little earlier than usual, but you are showing more interest. If we, our warm hearts can be of help to many people in need with this sharing, it would just make a very happy memory, I believe.

2:10 Did you know this? The total amount of donations for this year is much larger than last year! I never dreamed that such a large number of people would join this sharing.
I’d love to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for your generosity.
2:29 In this sense..., please take a good look at this.
2:32 Actor Jang Keun Suk donated 10 million won.
2:36 “A big hand for JKS! Clap-Clap-Clap”
2:40 It’s me, it’s me. Yes.
2:49 Omae wo mite iru, mite iru! I’m looking at you, looking at you!
2:57 Ah....... I got it.
3:14 Good luck in your life in the army
3:18 (Pretending to cry) Waaaah....
3:21 Dong-ju, thank you so much. I’ll do my best.

Crij Youtube channel, Video 2

0:15 Waah!
0:18 We hold this event once every year. It’s been quite a long time since we started this event. It began at a very small venue, and the size of the exhibition and the number of participants have been growing larger little by little, which enables us to put the spirit of sharing into practice and more and more beautiful hearts to gather here.
0:40 At this photo exhibition let’s go and see what I did during this past year, in other words, look back on the year I spent with you.
1:01 I love this photo!
1:08 Sometimes photos of us together like this are taken and displayed. I know he is quite embarrassed, but he’s beside me all the time... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
1:25 In order to remember Gun-sama and me together I will autograph this.

1:30 Can you believe this guy is 31 years old? Where can you find a man with a boyish face like this?
1:40 I often make a cheerful look in my eyes.
1:48 Oh, I like this facial expression.
1:59 Ah, I like this photo. Actually each photo like this reminds me of all the memories we made together speaking in Japanese from the beginning of the tour.
2:12 Pictures of myself singing songs .... (????) I always wish to see them. (????)
2:27 Oh, annyeong! That guy always comes to see me. He’s a Chinese. He’s just awesome!
2:42 I know this mailbox contains your letters to me.
2:55 It was so early in that morning that ... I look really sleepy in this photo.
3:08 (????)
3:24 I am very famous at SBS because my fans held big events for me like this till the end. We received so many gifts from you while filming the drama. We had coffee trucks 30 times and food trucks..... (????) All of these tremendous gifts from fans are impossible in Korea, actually!
3:50 At that time I felt awfully sorry and sad. It was the last day of the filming. I hated to finish the drama badly but I want to remember that moment forever.
4:00 I love photos like this! Of course I will autograph this. This is the photo I took. I took it right after I finished filming “Switch.” I really like this photo.
4:18 This one was also taken early in the morning, I guess...

4: 22 This was taken 100% early in the morning! ha ha ha ha This is a 100% morning picture but I look kind of slim and neat, so I will autograph here.
4:32 I did so many things in the past year. I also have a lot of memories with you who spent the year with me.
This past year was more meaningful to me than any other years. I could show you my performance as an actor in the drama, too. It has really been a fruitful year for me.
4:54 I’m so proud of your way of life. Because you are always supporting me more than anything else, I can exist here. On the other hand, because you have me, you can exist. I’m so happy to have you, my fans who always believe me, Actor Jang Keun Suk and keep supporting me enthusiastically. You save my face a great deal. ha ha ha Thank you so much.
5:29 My birthday? My birthday party?
5:56 We... Wow! You guys all have those cards.
(The cards say: We will wait for you!)
6:01 Ah... Thank you, thank you so much! Anyway, I’ll blow out the candles with making my wish.
6:14 My wish is always the same. I always wish all the people here will celebrate my birthday next year with me and enjoy meeting together again. Well, next year, even if I won’t be here at this photo exhibition, I really hope you guys will come and visit this event and remember the time you spend together.
6:41 Being a fan of Jang Keun Suk is so great and lovely, I’d like to tell you this properly. It was such a short time but I really enjoyed being with you today.
6:57 Please take care on your way back. Also, take care when you come here again tomorrow. I hope you will cherish this beautiful memory. I’m greeting you from here. Annyeong~! Thank you! Don’t cry. You got my rice scoop, right? Annyeong~~!!


0:03 Suddenly I was given an assignment. Actually I have no script for today’s event.
0:08 “Actor Jang, you never thought you would be given such an assignment at the photo exhibition, did you? Here in this box you will find seven wishes your eels have. Please choose our wishes and grant them to us. Autograph one, and autograph all of them.” Your wishes are here in this box.
0:30 “Heart-throbbing facial expressions - three in a row”
0:35 You guys, I am 32 years old. A 32-year-old man.... How dare you say I can do it? Why don’t YOU try? YOU, do it!
0:48 The first expression
0:59 The second expression
1:05 The third expression
1:09 What is this? “Joon Soo, Do Chan, Switch.” What does it mean?
1:12 You want me to act here?
1:19 I’m confident I can act Do Chan well, but how can I become Joon Soo here? I can’t concentrate.
1:26 (Do Chan) Can you manage to do that?
1:31 (Joon Soo) Sa Do Chan, ??? This time is different.
1:44 This is gonna be the last wish to be granted. “Throw a kiss.” This is not interesting, because I always throw a kiss. Scratch this. I’ll choose another one.
1:52 ha ha ha ha ha

2:10 ????
😂😂😂 (mimicking someone)
2:14 We came up with various kinds of attractions and this segment is the one I myself prepared.
2:24 Well, please listen to me carefully.
2:29 Here, I wanna give you several items which I own, used and have treasured.
2:42 I think it’s significant to give away something I actually use every day.
2:48 You guys, I have the special items here. I bought this in Hawaii.
2:52 This item has a particular meaning. It’s a face towel.
3:01 Whenever I wash my face, I use this towel. My face is small, unlike yours. Yes, I have a small face.
3:10 This one, I brought it from my bathroom. If you use this bath salt, you can sleep well at night.
3:20 This is definitely a rare item.
3:22 I wanna give you my rice scoop. ha ha ha ha ha ha
3:28 This rice scoop is a used one. You know I like eating. I’ve been using this when I eat at home.
3:36 These are the three special items I will give away. But I’m not gonna give them to you in person. I’ll put them in a box. The persons who won them, please come and receive them later.
3:44 No. 2311. Are you No. 2311? Ah, congratulations!


3:53 Where are you from? Are you Korean? Japanese? From Japan? Oh, Omedeto (Congratulations)!
4:01 No. 698.
4:05 Are you No. 698? Congratulations!
4:08 No. 204. Someone close to the stage.
4:13 Are you No. 204?
4:15 Now, this is the last one. I should choose someone among Korean people...
4:22 No. 13! ha ha ha ha
4:29 I don’t think it’s a good idea to give this rice scoop to her, though.
4:35 Please don’t use this. Just display it like this and remember me. We are always under the same sky. OK?
4:44 I made this time because I want to remember our precious minds together with a special significance.

Eng Translation credit : Marchneko-chan @yachan19870804

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